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Visual Crack!

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Download the Japan Nite 2011 compilation for free from HearJapan! Mar. 9th, 2011 @ 11:39 pm
Download the Japan Nite 2011 compilation for free from HearJapan!
Yokohama, Japan — March 10th, 2011 — The Japan Nite tour is about to
take the US by storm once again, and HearJapan is excited to offer up
an exclusive sampler of music from the bands!

HearJapan News

This nine track album has music from eight of the bands on the tour.
This year the selection has a rough and raw feel featuring punk, hard
rock and stomping electro from the likes of White White Sisters,
Vampillia, Suck Piggy, Ydestroyde, DJ TERAOKA AND THE REVOLUTION and
Lolita 18. The smooth grooves of sonodaband and ZUZUKANASISTERS serve
as perfect counterpoint. The entire compilation will grab listeners by
the scruff of the neck and never let go. Just like you would expect at
the live show!
Fans of the crazy underground Japanese scene might be excited to know
that Vampillia is made up of a large number of big names, like
Chikada, the drummer of World's end girlfriend. There is also drummer
Tatsuya Yoshida from Ruins and Korekyojinn. Then there is Toyohito
Yoshida from exBOREDOMS. In total they have three singers, three
string players, two drummers and more!
Japan Nite is the longest running US tour to exclusively feature
Japanese bands. They always have an excellent line-up of bands both
old and new, known and unknown. You will find a lot to love, so don’t
pass up the chance to catch this exciting show!
You can get the 100% free sampler, more info, images and videos from
the bands through the link below.
HearJapan is the largest and fastest-growing place on the web to
purchase Japanese music of all genres. Featuring over 5,000 artist
profiles in English with 40-second samples of all songs. Over 100
releases are added every week to the currently-available 40,000+ songs
in the 100% DRM free catalog. HearJapan is a great place to find the
hard to find and to explore the unexplored in the world of Japanese

New free single from visual kei Jrockers Misaruka Feb. 22nd, 2011 @ 10:49 pm

Free Visual Kei MP3

New free single from visual-kei J-rockers Misaruka

Yokohama, Japan – February 23rd, 2011 – Hot on the heels of their recent live performance, vis-kei band Misaruka are releasing their next single for free, right now, on HearJapan!

Misaruka is a hot new band from Japan’s unique visual-kei (vis-kei) rock scene. They’ve played only a couple of times but they’ve already managed to shift over 20,000 free music samplers to their rabid fans!

HearJapan is excited to make their newest single available for free to fans around the world, right now! “Merrow” is a solid yet elegant rock song that’s heavy both on the guitars and the bold vocal delivery. This one doesn’t pull any punches, rocking the listener with its epic metal riffs and more delicate pianos and strings.

You can download this new single for free right now. You’ll also get a ton of bonus content, like a video message from the band and English lyrics. You can also read an exclusive review of the band’s recent live show on the site. Make sure to catch this content-heavy free single now and look forward to more new material in April, also from HearJapan!



Free Merrow download

Live show review (with plenty of exclusive photos!)

More on Misaruka

twitter: http://twitter.com/HearJapan
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HearJapan

stuff for sale Jul. 18th, 2008 @ 11:31 pm

I have a lot original CDs and DTs for sale

You can find there stuff like AZALEA, DAS:VASSER, GARDEN, MIRAGE,  Blast, CROW-SIS, D'AIR, D≒SIRE, Gill'e cadith, Gilles de Rais, La'Mule, ROUAGE, SHAZNA, Sleep My Dear, some omnibus... and more... much more :)

so... if you are interested, please visit my LJ

I need help...again...-_-lll Feb. 22nd, 2005 @ 08:07 pm
I'm planning to buy Panikku's cd+dvd which they will release in March, problem is, the shop which i usually order stuff from, GuruGuru doesnt stock Panikku stuff...T_T does anyone know which shop does? I feel really guilty downloading their stuff all the time when i like them so much! Thanks! ^_^
Current Music: Panic*Ch - Iyagarase

Wow... I'm like the world's worst Mod... Feb. 6th, 2005 @ 05:28 pm
Yeah anyway, so I have like no clue who anyone on this community really is anymore LOL So, I thought you guys prolly don't know me either, anyway I'm Kris aka Tomoka0013, and yeah how's it going? LOL So, I just thought it'd be like a nice little ice breaker to do a little intro thingie, and appologize for never updating with anything! LOL Actually I'm just posting this to avoid homework :D but! I would like to know you guys better, so yeah I'm gonna scamper off and to crappy hw now. Later!
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I've been wondering about this for quite some time now. What exactly did the boys say in the song!? All i kept hearing was "Tara-chan this...Tara-chan that" And "No no no....blah..." they speak so fast...and Tara likes to...er..squeak!? ^^;; Any idea!?
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I've been in this community for some time...but i still dont understand...WHAT is crack kei!? ^^;; *feels stupid and ignorant*
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*cries non stop* i tried and tried but i cant send a mail to Tara at all! I press "submit query" and this window comes up telling me that this may reveal my email to the other recipient and blah blah....T_T HELP!! I desperately want to send a mail to Tara..
» Hello!
Hi minnasan! Erm...i've been a Panikku fan for nearly 3 months now..but i still cant tell the old line up from the new one...i know they've changed drummers..but i cant tell them apart...^^;; When did Takumi join the group anyway? Help please...?
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